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What is SNAG?


SNAG stands for "starting new at golf". SNAG has been developed through extensive research and practical experience from golf professionals and universities in the United States and is designed to simplify the basic techniques of golf. Putting, chipping, pitching as well as long distance shots are integrated in this system. In contrast to the philosophy of the golf world, the SNAG philosophy is not "learn the game, practice the game and then play the game", but "play the game, learn alongside and practice if you want". The main goal is therefore to get beginners familiar with the game from the beginning while having a lot of fun.


But how does it work?


Especially for children, SNAG is the perfect introduction to golf. The system is playful and based on fun, which should improve the learning process and create a positive but also challenging atmosphere in which the motor skills can be developed. Especially for children, it is very important to make the golf course and game a positive and pleasant place or a fun activity. Children should like to grab a golf club and have fun playing. If this is not the case, the chances are very high that children and adolescents will stop playing golf very early.


As mentioned before, SNAG is a scientific golf teaching concept that aims to learn, teach and, above all, have fun playing golf. To achieve this goal, special products and learning aids as well as event modules were developed. The products of the concept are divided into different product lines.




The products of this line are for beginners who want to take first steps or who want to start training with professional coaching. The products range from SNAG golf clubs (https://www.juniorgolfshop.eu/de/shop/Manufacturer/5/snag.html) to balls and tee pads, targets, player sets (https://www.juniorgolfshop.eu /en/shop/Manufacturer/5/snag.html) and games as well as training tools of various types.


Super SNAG


The training aids in this category are suitable for the next level, for example for advanced users. Here, the products are similar to those of the SNAG line, but with some adaptations.


SNAG Futbol


SNAG Futbol is an alternative training type. A fun kick is inevitable here. SNAG Futbol is the soccer version of classic golf. The ball is kicked from start to finish. There it gets caught by a Velcro system. SNAG Futbol serves as a good introduction to get an insight into the golf system. Children especially have a lot of fun with it.


SNAG Inflatable Eventbase for multiple sport activities


The event base offers an attractive platform for various occasions for companies, schools, universities and similar institutions to present themselves and take part in events. Throwing, kicking and hitting balls of different sizes and easy-to-play clubs onto attractive Velcro targets awaken the fun of ball games.


SNAG Fun Tools


This category includes games that are about winning. Either you win or you lose, there is no in between here. Those tools are supposed to create a challenge. The goal to win is often a big incentive for children.




With SNAG it is possible to learn and practice golf, regardless of where you are. You can teach golf to anyone and people of all ages, with a lot of fun and quick success. SNAG trains golf techniques over the long term based on the SNAG training concept. Whether it’s beginners in golf, sports enthusiasts, advanced golfers, families or children - with its extensive product range, SNAG ensures various golf and sports games and increases the fun of exercising and practicing . SNAG is an adventurous and fun golf game for everyone.





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In collaboration with US Kids Golf the Junior Golf Shop, with Martin Rentenberger, will bring out the best in your golf swing, thanks to years of experience.

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Martin Rentenberger was chosen for the U.S. Kids Golf TOP 50 Master Teachers 2019 in January 2020 in Orlando, as the first European.