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Junior Training - the next dimension

"Golf is a 20 year sport"

For most sports or most things in life, it takes 10 years or 10,000 hours to become an expert or a professional. Golf is different. Most professional players who have won on the PGA Tour took an average of nearly 20 years from their first swing to their first win. Tiger Woods broke the 20-year rule for 3 years and was able to present his first title after just 17 years! Our "Long-Term Athletic Development" program systematically accompanies every child and adolescent through the different stages of development. In this new concept, the children and adolescents are divided into several groups and trained according to their biological age or their growth curve. As a result, different aspects of the development such as golf technique, speed, coordination, strength, mobilization and 3D analysis can be better addressed at different times.

Grading system as a motivational factor

Another important component of the new model is the introduction of a grading system, as is customary in jiu jitsu or judo, for example. Depending on the level of play and physical training, the children and adolescents receive a differently colored cap or belt instead of a belt, which should represent the current playing strength or the fitness level. The Dan system, which has proven itself in many sports, should serve as a motivational factor for the young golfer.

US Kids Golf Performance Center certified

In collaboration with US Kids Golf the Junior Golf Shop, with Martin Rentenberger, will bring out the best in your golf swing, thanks to years of experience.

US Kids Golf Top 50 Master Junior Teacher

Martin Rentenberger was chosen for the U.S. Kids Golf TOP 50 Master Teachers 2019 in January 2020 in Orlando, as the first European.